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In any background screening strategy, the criminal background check process begins with a thorough search through all the county databases. The next step is to look at state repositories which open an entirely new source of data that the county searches simply do not have access to. In many states, there are systems in place so that when someone gets arrested on a local level, there are mechanisms and procedures that require this local event to be reported to the state repository. In other words, the state search casts a much wider net and allows data from counties and jurisdictions that might not show any obvious relation to the subject to be found. For example, the state search can find criminal records on the subject outside of the counties where they have lived. And in many circumstances, the state search is basically a search of all the counties within the state. This gives our customers the confidence and certainty that our reports are truly comprehensive and will not miss anything important. Together, the county and state searches, provide us with the ability to find any and all criminal records on a subject, ensuring our clients can have full trust in the thoroughness of the reports we provide.