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Eagle Eye Screening offers automated real-time search and data extraction from county courts across the country.  Criminal & Civil date extraction is possible.  Several options are available, the first is our hands off product or can you can pick and choose other services including case copies, court runners, and QA service. 

Real Time

Court Data   Extraction  



Eagle Eye Screening Solutions is custom designed for consumer reporting agencies that want a streamlined process to run criminal records checks. We strive to eliminate the potential for human error, CRA's have utilized and benefited with real-time data. Eagle Eye saves you time and money by providing a more thorough solution versus manual searches.


Cost Savings & Accuracy  




With over 3,100 different court jurisdictions in the US alone.  We pride ourselves on reducing the time, cost, and errors associated with manual data entry.  Automated data extraction can improve accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings into your background screening operations.  Over 3800+ courts offer real time automated search options.