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Let's talk about our services and what we can do for you! All of our solutions are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.


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Automated Real-Time Criminal and Civil Searches

The future of screening has arrived with the introduction of completely hands-free automated searches. Eagle Eye Screening offers tremendous value and simplicity through automated real-time search and data extraction from county courts across the country. By leveraging the latest methods and technologies, this type of screening offers both criminal and civil case data with just a click of a button, something that was considered impossible not long ago. Several options are available in addition to the revolutionary hands-free option including:

  • Case Copies, Court runners and QA service

Ask us to learn more about this cutting-edge screening process.​

County Criminal Records Search

The County Criminal Records Search is the most fundamental screening service we offer. This type of search offers curated research for specific counties based on the requests of each customer and the person being screened. Every county will utilize different systems and standards for their recordkeeping making the record gathering process unique and specific to each county. At Eagle Eye Screening it is our job to generalize and simplify this process in order to simply provide relevant and accurate results to our clients. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can solve them.

Statewide Criminal Seach

To gain further insight and more information into the subjects being screened, Eagle Eye Screening will offer a Statewide Search. This search is usually done in compliment to the County Search and simply offers more comprehensive results when done in conjunction with each other. By conducting a state search we are able to be more thorough in our research and it allows us to state with confidence that the research results provided are truly comprehensive and that not even the smallest detail is missed. Depending on the jurisdiction, criminal records can be stored in both county or state databases so at Eagle Eye we find it vital that we have access to both. Let's talk some more about how this service can work for you.

Civil Records Search

Just like how criminal records are used to gain insight into the past of the subject, civil records can offer the same kind of insight. With our services, we not only check for a criminal background but we will also dig up any civil cases related to the subject, allowing our research to paint a more detailed picture for our clients. The data obtained from the civil databases include docket numbers, litigation types, parties involved, type of case, case numbers, relevant dates, judgments, last actions filed, personal identifiers, and the most current status of the case. If there are civil matters related to the subject then we will find out. Please ask us about this service and how it can be utilized for your specific requirements.

Federal Searches

The nationwide search casts the widest net amongst all of our searches by accessing millions of records and photos from databases in local counties, states, public safety departments, corrections departments, and court administrative offices. This is a multi-jurisdictional search of proprietary databases in addition to the other kinds of searches. The many sources included in the Eagle Eye federal search include court records, probation/parole information, arrest data, civil court reports, civil case results, and criminal warrants amongst many other proprietary sources. When used in conjunction with our other searches, we can say with confidence that we offer a truly comprehensive screening. Please contact us for more details on how the federal search can suit your specific needs. 

Business Records Search

When our clients want information on a business entity we will utilize our Business Records Search. This search will look into any and all public data on the specific company and compile a report that showcases the results. The core aspect of this search is to provide our customers with a business credit report. This report is a very useful metric that provides insight into the financial health of the company and its current situation. For us at Eagle Eye Screening it is very important that we can meet all the needs our customers might have so it only makes sense to offer a business records search. If you need information on a specific business for your specific screening then please reach out and we will teach you all there is to know bout this service. 




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