In our industry we form important strategic partnerships to ensure the highest quality service is provided for all of our clients. By establishing seamless, full featured integrations with third-party platforms we are able to greatly expand our offerings and adapt each of our services to perfectly match the unique needs of each customer. The partners we integrate with all go through a very intensive vetting process so we can have full confidence in their specific offerings which are then integrated into our services. This is very important to us and we make every effort necessary to ensure that all of our partners share a common mission to us and are able to match all of our strict quality standards. We take this aspect very seriously and take no shortcuts in this matter.  In most cases our partners are chosen due to specific industry practices they specialize in and by partnering with us, we are then able to gain access to their services and use them as our own for the benefit of the client. Generally speaking, all of our partnerships are purposed to allow Eagle Eye Screening to utilize the latest technology in the industry and to offer our clients reliable, fast and consistent background screening results. Also, through our partnerships we gain access to specialty services like automated and AI powered database searches or highly detailed and very specific scope settings for any particular search, which we can then pass on to our customers. The partners displayed on this page all provide valuable tools which enhance our services and open up opportunities to better serve our clients.