Wholesale Criminal Research Provider

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 Criminal & Civil Investigations 


Eagle Eye Screening offers nationwide criminal background checks with a focus on the wholesale market. This focus enables us to provide our retail clients with quality, accurate, and timely criminal record searches.  County criminal searches include: felony and misdemeanor cases with detailed reports with description of charges and dispositions and any other relevant information.  County level criminal searches are the most current and reliable source of criminal information.

 Record/Copy Retrieval


Various types of clients ranging from security companies, pre-employment screening companies, due diligence firms, law offices, settlement companies and others use our document retrieval services across the United States. Whether your needs are to confirm the validity of previously obtained or abstracted information, substantiate information found online, or settle a claim, we can retrieve the necessary documents available at the court or jurisdiction requested. This service requires pre-payment for non-established clients.


 Federal Criminal & Civil Searches 


Charges involving federal law are processed through the United States Federal District Courts as investigated and prosecuted by the relevant Federal government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Some examples of Federal criminal charges include embezzlement, tax evasion, bank robbery, securities fraud, and drug trafficking. Records returned in the event of a positive match will include cases with detailed reports with description of charges and dispositions or any other relevant information.