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The national and federal nationwide criminal and civil search is our largest search that we offer. The nationwide search casts the widest net amongst all of our searches by accessing millions of records and photos from databases in local counties, states, public safety departments, corrections departments, and court administrative offices. This is a multi-jurisdictional search of proprietary databases in addition to the previously mentioned databases. The many sources included in the Eagle Eye federal search include court records, probation/parole information, arrest data, civil court reports, civil case results, and criminal warrants amongst many other proprietary sources. When used in conjunction with our other searches, we can say with confidence that this would be the most comprehensive criminal search available. This search is derived from millions of public record searches and we utilize the latest technologies to efficiently and accurately gather the specific and relevant data for our clients. No rock is left unturned and we can guarantee that if there is any information out there that our clients would need, then we will find it.

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