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Police Car
Police Car

The criminal history search is one of the fundamental aspects of any background screening. In the united states, there are countless criminal record cases filed each day throughout courts across America in countless locations all of which implement different systems and technologies. Each county uses a different record-keeping system than the next which can create quite a complex environment when trying to gain access to accurate data quickly. These record-keeping systems across counties are never identical, usually outdated, full of technical jargon, and implement a wide range of reporting methods making it a real challenge to decipher and use any of the data. At Eagle Eye Screening Solutions, we have over 20 years of experience digging through these databases while successfully finding, organizing, and producing easily understandable and actionable reports for our customers. Understanding this ecosystem of record-keeping methodologies across counties is what we do, and we do it well. All our systems and procedures utilized in our screening solutions have been adapted and optimized to quickly find the data we need in this sea of county data. We handle all the complexities on the backend so that our customers can simply tell us what they want and receive it without being inundated with the complex and diverse nature of county databases.

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