Abstract Background

The automated search is a special kind of search offered by Eagle Eye Screening that gives our customers more options on the level of detail they desire in their particular solution. Sometimes speedy results are more important than a hand-curated report and, in those cases, our automated search thrives. The automated search leverages our latest, most cutting-edge technologies to almost instantly search through millions of records and accurately identify the relevant results to each customer’s request. Speed is the name of the game with this search however quality and reliability are never sacrificed and are always the main priority of any background check report we provide. This method uses an AI-powered engine to compile the search results into reports that are easily read and understood by the human element in any company. By using the automated search our clients also gain the ability to conduct regular searches at any pre-determined time interval so that any brand-new information on a subject can be included in the report. This is the future of background screening and we have it available to our customers today.