In the background screening industry today there are several specific organizations in place that set rules and guidelines which when adhered to give the guarantee of quality results. Also, these organizations provide certifications that show that all industry best practices are being adhered to and that business is being conducted under the highest ethical standards. At Eagle Eye Screening we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards at all times and to staying on top of any new industry practices. We take this very seriously and we participate as very active members in the displayed trade standard organizations. Being a member of these organizations acts as a stamp of confidence to our clients because they have the guarantee that all of the services we provide adhere to a strict set of standards and that all of the newest, most cutting-edge methodologies are embedded into each of the services we offer. These organizations shape the standards and legislation of the industry and provide a forum to discuss and implement new ideas through regular seminars, trade shows and conferences all of which we attend regularly.